Group Travel Data Trends

Spring 2015 Edition

Travefy Data Report

Drawing on data from
‘s individual and group travelers, this

report identifies key user preferences and group travel data trends with a special focus on Bachelor and Bachelorette Party trends.


At Travefy our mission is to bring people joy in the way they plan, experience, and remember their trips together.

Beyond our travel planning tools we constantly seek out user insights and broader travel trends to help guide innovation to meet the needs of current and future Travefy users. While much of this feedback and insight loop is qualitative, we also look for and analyze industry and internal data. As data lovers ourselves, we wanted to share this rich – and sanitized – report with the broader travel community.

From a sample of over 97,000 Travefy users and data on both places visited and trip costs, the insights are fascinating. We’ve also taken a deeper look at the bachelor and bachelorette party segment.

Some findings are unsurprising – like the fact that 18% of bachelorette parties and 20% of bachelor parties travelled to Las Vegas or that New York City is the top visited city. Others exhibit an innate user bias, like the fact that 60% of all user added places are in the U.S. (Travefy is a U.S. based company).

Other findings, however, are downright captivating. For instance, we’ve uncovered the average Travefy bachelorette party cost (not including flight) is $244 per person.

All taken together, we’ve found this deep dive interesting and hope you do too!

Safe travels,
The Travefy Team


Data used in this report comes from sanitized sample data collected on Travefy between January 2013 and March 2015. The sample includes…



Who have collectively curated 86,946 unique trips with an average (arithmetic mean) trip length of 6 days, and a median trip length of 4 days.


Group Trips

As defined by any trip with 2 or more engaged users with average (arithmetic mean) trip size of 5 and a median trip size of 3.


Trip Ideas Added

Including places added to all 50 states and over 537 unique cities, towns, and villages across the globe

Note: For all rankings of the frequency of trip ideas added, data related to Nebraska and Nebraska based cities have been removed for quality assurance purposes to account for auto-generated / sponsored trips.

Top Destinations

From over 85,000 trips, and tens of thousands of places added, below are the top destinations added to trips…

Top Countries

Top Travefy Countries Visited

Top U.S. States & Territories

State % of Places Added
1. California 17%
2. New York 15%
3. Florida 10%
4. Nevada 7%
5. Texas 5%
6. Louisiana 4%
7. Illinois 4%
8. Washington, DC 4%
9. Hawaii 3%
10. Tennessee 3%

Top Global Cities

City % of Places Added
1. New York City 8%
2. Las Vegas 4%
3. Paris 3%
4. San Francisco 3%
5. New Orleans 2%
6. London 2%
7. Washington, DC 2%
8. Chicago 2%
9. Los Angeles 2%
10. San Deigo 1%

The Northeast

Favorite Places

Top Sites & Destinations

Place Location
1. Times Square New York, NY
2. Central Park New York, NY
3. Statue of Liberty New York, NY
4. Empire State Building New York, NY
5. Chinatown New York, NY
What’s the top non-NYC destination?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Most Frequented Restaurants

Place Location
1. Sofia’s of Little Italy New York, NY
2. Chelsea Market New York, NY
3. Carnegie Deli New York, NY
4. Shake Shack New York, NY
5. Serendipity 3 New York, NY

The Southeast

Favorite Places

Top Sites & Destinations

Place Location
1. Walt Disney World Lake Buena Vista, FL
2. Universal Studios Orlando, FL
3. World of Coca-Cola Atlanta, GA
4. Bourbon Street New Orleans, LA
5. SeaWorld Orlando, FL

Most Frequented Restaurants

Place Location
1. Cafe Du Monde New Orleans, LA
2. Margaritaville Panama City, FL
3. Universal City Walk Orlando, FL
4. Commander’s Palace New Orleans, LA
5. The Court of Two Sisters New Orleans, LA

The Midwest

Favorite Places

Top Sites & Destinations

Place Location
1. Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) Chicago, IL
2. Navy Pier Chicago, IL
3. The Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, IL
4. John G. Shedd Aquarium Chicago, IL
5. Millennium Park Chicago, IL
What’s the top non-Chicago destination?

Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota.

Most Frequented Restaurants

Place Location
1. Portillo’s Hot Dogs Chicago, IL
2. Giordano’s Chicago, IL
3. Girl & The Goat Chicago, IL
4. House of Blues Chicago, IL
5. Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ Kansas City, KS

The Southwest

Favorite Places

Top Sites & Destinations

Place Location
1. South Padre Island Beach South Padre Island, TX
2. Old Town Albuquerque, NM
3. The Alamo San Antonio, TX
4. Grand Canyon National Park Williams, AZ
5. Medieval Times Dallas, TX

Most Frequented Restaurants

Place Location
1. Franklin Barbeque Austin, TX
2. The Oasis on Lake Travis Austin, TX
3. Magnolia Cafe South Austin, TX
4. Lambert’s Downtown BBQ Austin, TX
5. Uchi Austin, TX

The West

Favorite Places

Top Sites & Destinations

Place Location
1. Universal Studios Hollywood Universal City, CA
2. Disneyland Anaheim, CA
3. Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA
4. Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood, CA
5. Alcatraz San Francisco, CA

Most Frequented Restaurants

Place Location
1. Jaleo Las Vegas, NV
2. Pizza Rock Las Vegas, NV
3. Wicked Spoon Las Vegas, NV
4. Cafe Bellagio Las Vegas, NV
5. House of Blue Las Vegas, NV


Favorite Places

Top Sites & Destinations

Place Location
1. Louvre Museum Paris, France
2. Eiffel Tower Paris, France
3. British Museum London, England
4. Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, France
5. Westminster Abbey London, England

Most Frequented Restaurants

Place Location
1. Old Jameson Distillery Dublin, Ireland
2. Chocolateria San Gines Madrid, Spain
3. Lauduree Paris, France
4. Mango Deck Restaurant Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
5. Thai Lounge Cancun, Mexico


Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

From a sample of 1,000 bachelor and bachelorette parties clear trends have emerged…

Bachelorette Parties


Average Trip Cost Per Person*

Bachelor Parties


Average Trip Cost Per Person*

Top Destinations

Destination % of Bachelorette Parties
1. Las Vegas, NV 18%
2. New York, NY 8%
3. New Orleans, LA 5%
4. Miami, FL 5%
5. San Diego, CA 4%

Top Destinations

Destination % of Bachelor Parties
1. Las Vegas, NV 21%
2. New Orleans, LA 7%
3. Miami, FL 6%
4. New York, NY 4%
5. Nashville, TN 4%

* Average trip costs typically does not include airfare. Typical costs include shared housing and group expenditures like shared meals and tickets for activities. The above average represents the median trip cost. The arithmetic mean across trips is $199.82 for all bachelorette parties and $201.95 for bachelor parties.