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Stop the madness! Plan with Travefy.

Planning a trip with friends or a group can literally be a headache. Travefy simplifies everything from where to go and what to do, to collecting money from the group so no one gets stuck with the bill.

Even better, don’t wait to get home to your computer to start planning. You can access your Travefy trip plans from any mobile device. Take a tour!

Plan your trip from any device.

Get started with Travefy.

Starting planning your next group adventure! Simply click “Plan a new trip” and your on your way. You’ll be placed onto your Trip Home page which acts as the central location for your trip information including your itinerary, ideas, discussions, and invites.

To get started, you can name your trip, set trip details like dates, locations, and add a welcome message. Don’t know trip details yet? No problem! Create a simple poll to find the best dates & location.

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Start planning with invites & RSVPs to your trip.

Invite friends to your trip and manage RSVPs! You can invite friends by adding emails or Travefy’s Facebook & Gmail contact integration. Everyone invited has access to the trip for a fun and collaborative planning experience.

Save & discuss trip ideas.

Search over 8 million activities, restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, and deals across the globe! Travefy’s comprehensive search engine has rich information like photos, reviews, pricing, and descriptions among other information.

Find the best trip ideas for your group and save them to your ideas tab to discuss, decide, and book.

Get the plans set with a custom itinerary.

Build a rich shared itinerary for your trip. You can add over 8 million activities, restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, and deals from Travefy with rich information to your itinerary or add your own ideas and links.

Take your itinerary on the go and access it any time on your mobile device.

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Split expenses. Collect money through Travefy.

Collect all shared expenses through Travefy and never get stuck with the bill again!

Track all group expenses through Travefy’s proprietary expense management tool. Tag who paid for what and who owes for it. At the end of your trip simply click “Settle” and Travefy will collect money from those who owe and pay back everyone who is owed money. It’s that simple.

Your group will receive an email with a link to pay their share that they owe. Group members that are owed money can have it deposited directly to their bank account in realtime as payments are processed.

Watch video: Track group expenses & collect money